This is an information portal that has assembled resources for Utah
parents seeking the right Utah preschool program for their 3-5 year old.
By now you have probably figured out that searching for information about Utah preschools
via the internet can be quite frustrating.  You've been faced with the unfortunate contradiction
of too much information about things that are not relevant to your search and too little
information relevant to finding a Utah preschool in your own hometown.  
This site will make your search easier if you follow these tips:

  • Read parent reviews of Utah preschools.
  • Understand the rationale for Early Childhood Education... See "Preschool Articles"
  • Understand the distinction between "preschool" and "daycare."
  • Know that the best information comes from a preschool's website, not from directories.
  • Understand the hidden details of the preschool's pricing before you sign up.
  • Visit target preschools in-person, without an appointment during school hours.
Tips  for Parents about Finding Preschools in Utah
This page gives the four cardinal rules for searching for Utah preschools.

Early Childhood Education Resources;  What does science tell us about educating preschoolers?
This page gives you substantial resources to help you understand Early Childhood Education. Check out some of the
articles and links and you will gain a basic understanding of what to look for when you start evaluating local Utah

Utah Preschool Pricing
Utah preschool pricing is often confusing and sometimes deceptive. This page provides some consumer perspectives and
"watch-outs" to help you understand how to determine just exactly what you are getting when you pay preschool tuition.

Search Engine Protocols for Finding Utah Preschools
All internet search engines are not the same.  This page gives you tips and direct links to the easiest and most effective
search procedures to get Utah preschool information.

Internet Directories for Finding Utah Preschools
There are scores of national and regional web-based directories that aim to help you find almost anything. Regarding
information specific to Utah preschools, you can find some basic profiles, links to websites and some parent reviews on
these directories.  Currently, there are NO LOCAL directories that effectively provide detailed information about Utah
preschools.  This page provides direct links to the directories that provide the most comprehensive information.

Links to Preschool Education Resources for Utah Parents
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Parent Tools for Evaluating Utah Preschools