Directory Watch-Out #3
The internet directory concept is still relatively young and the data-bases for Utah preschool information grows only as fast
as local Utah preschools get on the web.   Currently, each directory can best be described as incomplete.

Web Directories
Most of these directories have ranking functions that you can click on to allow you to sort the list by "best reviews" or
"closest location" so you can bring to the top those preschools that are most relevant to your search.

The list below is ranked in no particular order. Click on the title links  which take you to the directory under the search terms
"Preschool Draper Utah."

Enter your own city in the query field at the top of each directory to find preschools closest to your city.  This is a long established and respected national site that has solid in-depth information on the schools
that have submitted profiles.  This is the first site that specialized in schools and began providing parent reviews several
years ago. This is a very young (but very good) directory and general education resource. As the database grows it
will be outstanding. Click on the preschool tab and enter your city. Enter and play around awhile. There is good information
Directory Watch-Out #1
Most of these directories are cluttered with irrelevant listings. A significant number of these
listings will be cyber-junk: Old listings that are just floating out there that have not been
cleaned up by administrators of the directory.  This includes closed preschools and the
names of individuals and businesses that inadvertently listed themselves as preschools.  
Occasionally you will also find misidentified preschools that are really elementary schools
or preschools in California.  You will also get a sizable number of traditional daycare
Directories for Finding Utah Preschools
Directory Watch-Out #2
Directories (and search engines) are commercial enterprises that get revenues from selling
advertising.  Directories in particular tend to have a great deal of paid ads for products and
national businesses. The one thing almost all the directories have in common on Utah
searches is that chain PS-8 private schools and chain daycare centers will have organic
and sponsored listings on the first page.  Sorting by "distance" and "highest rated" can help
bring those listings most relevant to your search to the top of the lists.  This is the old reliable ATT directory.  Just query "preschools" and "your city" and you get a list with
web-links, parent reviews, mapping.  This is basically the phone book. Conventional wisdom says this should be the most reliable directory
but Dex has its problems.  Paid advertising rules here.  Sort by "distance" in the far left column and it will bring up listings
closer to your  This is Verizon's Yellow Pages.  Nicely organized and not as unmercifully ad-heavy as Dex but still, its
the phone book.  Plug in "preschool" and "your city" and you'll get a list with web links and parent reviews.  Brand new site that has the promise of being great. Focused on a wide range of children's activities (not
just preschool), it has an information base that seems to be growing very fast. Probably the oldest and most comprehensive of the national consumer review directories, this is the best
directory for bars and restaurants but not necessarily preschool information.  It does have the most consumer reviews.  
Sort preschools by distance from your home city or by highest rated.  A subsidiary of City Search, this directory features pictures of schools with City Search rankings. Just
query "preschool" and "your city" and rank by "highest rated first" and you have a list based on parent rankings.